Compilation of previously released early recordings. The LP contains the No Sanctuary 12″ (1984) and the Who’s The Enemy 7″ (1982) plus tracks from a previous bonus single is the Winter 7″ (tracks B6-B7).

Tracks A1 to B1: No Sanctuary 12″ (1984)
Tracks B1 to B5: Who’s The Enemy 7″ (1982)
Tracks B6-B7: Winter 7″ (1983)

A1 Battery Humans
A2 Control
A3 Progress?
A4 Sanctuary
A5 The Church Is For Sinners
A6 Sunshine Ward (Glad To Be Bad)
B1 Moscow Madness (No Gods Part II)
B2 Carnage
B3 Curfew
B4 Belief
B5 No Gods No Masters
B6 Winter
B7 Beginning Of The End
(Corteza Discos/Unofficial Release)