Original press from 1988 on German label Subway Records, not a bootleg!

Probably the most important “unknown” band in the history of punk rock, this unfailingly offensive, undeniably brilliant gaggle of rock critics and hooligans went out of its way to offend 99% of society while inspiring the remaining 1% to paroxysms of joy. This early-’80s collection ranks with the band’s finest, highlighted by sonic joyrides like “They Saved Hitler’s Cock” and “My Old Man’s a Fatso.” The Samoan influence extends through to 1997, with their songs popping up regularly in sets by bands such as the Foo Fighters (who often open with “Gas Chamber,” included here) and the Mighty Mighty Bosstones (known to pop off a cover of Back From Samoa’s “Lights Out”).
File under: how to win friends and alienate people.–David Sprague
Originally released in 1982.
(Subway Records/1988)