What we have here is a must have for all obsessive ANTISECT completist like myself. This record consists of two early demos, and two live sets from ’82, before they recorded the ‘In Darkness’ LP. And although the recording quality on this may leave something to be desired it is still very much worth having, in order to appreciate the evolution of the band. The songs themselves are much more raw and primal, short and to the point, and very DISCHARGE influenced (a comparison the band themselves hated, but is undeniable). The live sets featured on the B side are really the best to listen to, as they not only have a better sound and recording quality, but also feel much more representative of the band’s sound. However, the real star of this release is the packaging itself. It has two inserts, filled with tons of live photos, artwork, reviews, interviews, gig flyers, and writings from the band itself, all from the early ‘80’s. It also has an awesome fold out poster. For people like me, who are huge fans of ANTISECT, but aren’t old enough to have been around to see their early days this is an excellent look at the bands history.

– Demo 1 -1982
1 Ulster
2 Do You Really Care?
3 Philosophy Of Anarchy
4 World War Three
5 War´s A Crime
– Demo 2 -1982
6 Do You Really Care?
7 Ulster
8 World War Three
– Live In Coventry 1982
9 Fear Of God
10 No Release
11 Prisoner Of Society
12 Anarchy Rules
13 Suicide Victim
14 Existance Of Restriction
15 Spoils Of War
16 Aftermath
17 Soldier
– Live In Nottingham 1982
18 Death In Your Eyes
19 Hallo There How´s Life?
20 Consequence Of Hunger

Label: Helvetet Records