This here is an extreme Grindcore band from the german North Sea coast:, ATTACK FROM THE AXEMAN from Hamburg, including almighty Ralf Bock (ex-MY OWN LIES, ex-PRONE, ex-STACK, ex-CHOREA, …), play very brutal Old School Grindcore: punishing blastbeats, hard hitting guitars, exploding bass and bonerattling vocals will bring every fan of loud and extreme music into their own kind of heaven. You like REPULSION, PHOBIA, CATHETER and TERRORIZER ??? Then you will like ATTACK OF THE MAD AXEMAN too !!!
This here is the fourth album of the band offering twenty-six songs of extreme Animal Grind, songs titled “Arachne Of Death”, “Kings Of Animalgrind”, “Spider Attack”, “Rich Dogs On LSD”, “From Whom The Cowbell Tolls”, … seem to sound very funny, but the lyrics are very critical, yes sarcastic but in the end very political, a little bit more cryptically than standard political songs. During their live gigs the band members are wearing freaky animal customs so that the audio terror gets completed with visual entertainment.
(Regurgitated Semen Records)