F.O.A.D. Records celebrates its 200th release with the most extreme boxset in music history! The ultimate, most exhaustive collection of AxCx recordings from the band’s early years: all their singles, split 7″s, comp. tracks, demos, the ultra-rare first tape 1988, rehearsals, unplugged, live… and the impossible to find “A head-shot for your thoughts” promo ltd. to 6 copies. More than half of the stuff included has never been released on vinyl to date or has been out of print for a long time. “When the band started the goal was to be the fastest, noisiest, shittiest band around and to have absolutely no trace of musicality at all..” (Seth Putnam). “We did it before you and we did it better” (Tim Morse). 6 x LP’s housed in a deluxe box with AxCx logo printed in spot UV, 72 page book filled with never seen before photos, scans of the original releases, liner notes by Seth’s mom, band members & friends, memorabilia from Seth’s personal archives and a lot more! A monsterwork carefully assembled over the years, mastered from selected, best sounding sources. Without getting in lost in descriptions and labels, AxCx were the world’s fastest and noisiest band and their status of genius and nihilism will never be beaten!

Contents in detail:
1st demo / 47 song demo / 1988 rehearsal (“A head-shot for your thoughts” pt.1) / Very rare rehearsal from February 1989 / 88 song EP / split 7″ with 7 MON / Stuff for Axction compilation / 5634 song EP / 5634 song EP outtakes / Master of noise compilation / Another EP / split 7″ with Meat Shits / split 7″ with Psycho / Unreleased sessions 1991 / Unplugged EP / Side one of Live EP (Houston, Texas – July 6th, 1991) / Side two of Live EP (Ybor City, Florida – July 13rd, 1991) / Unknown gig 1988 (“A head-shot for your thoughts” pt.2) / Basement show Dave Fitch’s cellar in Milford, Connecticut – August 26th, 1988 / Live in Indiana – February 20th, 1989 / Live in Düsseldorf – April 15th, 1990 / Live in Enschede – April 16th, 1990 / Live in Schwabisch Hall – April 3rd, 1990 / Live in Berlin – April 20th, 1990 / Live in Betigheim – April 4th, 1991

Label: F.O.A.D. Records