This is the record that put San Diego California on the punk rock map. 1984’s Second Coming by Battalion Of saints received international praise & led to a tour in 1984 this release showcases the entire recording as well as the legendary east coast performance of the BATS, this stands as the most significant release ever to come out of SD. Originally released by Enigma records. Classic US hc/punk. Official reissue.

Second Coming LP 1984
1 My Minds Diseased
2 Animal In Man
3 Right Or Wrong
4 Holy Vision
5 Buddies And Pals
6 No More Lies
7 Second Coming
8 Beefmasters
9 No Time
10 Too Much Fun
11 Intercourse
12 Solitary Is Fun
13 Fair Warning
14 Doomed World
15 Ace Of Spades
Live At CBGB’s 1984
16 My Minds Diseased
17 No More Lies
18 Fair Warning
19 Second Coming
20 Doomed World
21 Cops Are Out
22 Fighting Boys
23 Right Or Wrong
24 Animal In Man
25 Modern Day Heroes
26 Buddies And Pals
27 Holy Vision
28 I Wanna Make You Scream
29 I Wanna Make You Scream
30 Beefmasters
31 Intercourse
32 Solitary Is Fun
33 Ace Of Spades
34 New Rose
(Taang! Records)