Rare tracks and broadcasts from the ‘Check Your Head’ era including tracks from Lollapalooza 1994, the Tibetan Freedom Concert in 1996, and more. What can you do? It’s the Beastie Boys.


A1 So Watcha Want
A2 Groove Holmes
A3 No Sleep Till Kawasaki
A4 Iron Man
A5 Freestyle Feat. DJ Hurricane
A6 Gratitude
A7 Time For Livin
A8 Untitled #1
A9 Untitled #2
A10 Sabotage
B1 Stand Together
B2 Get It Together Feat. Q-Tip
B3 Heart attack Man
B4 Sabotage
B5 Shake Your Rump
B6 Shadrach
B7 Pass The Mic
B8 Looking Down The Barrel Of A Gun
B9 Sure Shot
B10 Rickys Theme / Heart Attack Man

Liner Notes:
Tracks 1-7: From “Hangin W/”, MTV, USA, 1992
Tracks 8-9: From “Pump It Up”, FOX, USA, 1992
Track 10: From “Late Night With David Letterman”, CBS, USA, 1994
Tracks 11-12: From “Tibetan Freedom Concert”, USA, 1996
Tracks 13-14: Live At G-Son Studios, “Week In Rock”, MTV, USA, 1994
Tracks 15-18: Live At The I-Beam Club, S. Francisco, M6 French TV, USA, 1992
Tracks 19-20: From “Saturday Night Live”, USA, 1995
(TV Party Records)