Cleveland power-pop punk trio Beatnik Termites was another group of Ramones fanatics that merged a heavy Ramones influence with a love of surf rock; their caustic pop melodies and ironic, stinging lyrics turning the soft underbelly of pop music on its head, yielding a sound that had tinges of innocence, beneath a knowing, thrash-rock wink. Front man Pat Kim (AKA Pat Termite) started the band back in 1987 with drummer Reggie Silvestri and bassist Brian McCafferty, the group was reputedly a favourite of Nirvana’s Kurt Cobain according to his diaries.

First-ever vinyl reissue for the ‘oldies-core’ torchbearers Beatnik Termites’ debut album, originally out in Spain in 1995, on the Rock and Roll Inc. label. Sugary, doo wop-influenced harmonies coupled with aggressive Ramones-styled buzzsaw guitars and surf punk drumbeats.
(Hey Suburbia Records)