All the classic singles collected on one record!

Tracks A1 – A4 “All Out Attack E.P.” 7” (1981)
Tracks A5 – A6 “Never Surrender / Razors In The Night” 7” (1982)
Tracks A8 – A9 “Warriørs” 7” (1982)
Tracks B1 – B2 “New Age” 7” (1983)
Tracks B4 – B5 “Telecommunication” (1983)
Tracks B7 – B8 “Solar” 7” (1983)

A1 Someone’s Gonna Die
A2 Attack
A3 Fight To Live
A4 45 Revolutions
A5 Never Surrender
A6 Razors In The Night
A7 Voice Of A Generation
A8 Warriors
A9 Youth (Different Version)
B1 New Age
B2 Fatigue
B3 Bleed (Remix)
B4 Telecommunication
B5 Teletron
B6 White Man
B7 Solar (Ext Mix)
B8 Husk

Label: Audio Platter
Barcode: 803341524255