25th Anniversary Deluxe Edition of the debut LP by Blitz which reached No. 27 in the UK National Charts as well as hitting No. 2 during a five month run in the then influential Independent Chart. Now totally re-mastered by Tim Turan and with the addition of the bands three Indie Chart hit singles for No Future Records: ‘All Out Attack’ (No. 3), ‘Never Surrender’ (No. 2) and ‘Warriors’ (No. 2) – plus their contributions to the seminal “Carry On Oi!” compilation and the Indie Chart No. 5 “Total Noise” Various Artists EP.

The deluxe now comes with a free CD featuring 27 rare demos and live cuts from the height of the bands Punk years. Booklet contains original LP artwork, lyrics to all the Songs, pictures of all the relevant records and sleeve notes by “Burning Britain” / “Day The Country Died” author Ian Glasper. One of the biggest and most consistent sellers of the entire Anagram Punk Collectors series, this revamped version is sure to appeal to both older fans of the band along with the new breed of Punks as the likes of Rancid, Roger Miret & The Disasters, Oxymoron and Rykers have all covered their songs.

Voice Of A Generation
1-1 We Are The Boys
1-2 Time Bomb
1-3 Voice Of A Generation
1-4 Bleed
1-5 I Don’t Need You
1-6 T.O?
1-7 Propaganda
1-8 Criminal Damage
1-9 Vicious
1-10 Warriors
1-11 Nation On Fire
1-12 Your Revolution
1-13 Scream
1-14 4Q
1-15 Escape
1-16 Moscow
1-17 Closedown

Bonus Tracks
1-18 Someone’s Gonna Die
1-19 Attack
1-20 Fight To Live
1-21 45 Revolutions
1-22 Nation On Fire (Carry On Oi! Version)
1-23 Youth (Carry On Oi! Version)
1-24 Razors In The Night
1-25 Never Surrender
1-26 Voice Of A Generation (Total Noise Version)
1-27 Warriors (Single Version)
1-28 Youth (Remix)
2-1 Escape (1980 Demo)
2-2 4Q (1980 Demo)
2-3 Youth (1980 Demo)
2-4 Bleed (1980 Demo)
2-5 Criminal Damage (Demo)
2-6 Time Bomb (Time Bomb Demo)
2-7 Criminal Damage (Time Bomb Demo)
2-8 4Q (Time Bomb Demo)
2-9 I Don’t Need You (LP Demo)
2-10 Propaganda (LP Demo)
2-11 Closedown (LP Demo)
2-12 Your Revolution (LP Demo)
2-13 Razors In The Night (LP Demo)
2-14 Attack (Live ’81)
2-15 Escape (Live ’81)
2-16 Never Surrender (Live ’81)
2-17 Nation On Fire (Live ’81)
2-18 Warriors (Live ’81)
2-19 Someone’s Gonna Die (Live ’81)
2-20 45 Revolutions (Live ’81)
2-21 Fight To Live (Live ’81)
2-22 Youth (Live ’81)
2-23 New Age (Live ’81)
2-24 Bleed (Live ’81)
2-25 Cabaret (Live ’81)
2-26 Warriors 2 (Live ’81)
2-27 Vicious (Live ’81)
(Captain Oi Records)