“Imagine that in the late 70s, Bob Marley crossed paths with the Ramones at the CBGB counter and they decided to make a record together. Here is the result: 10 rasta classics with punk rock sauce 1-2-3-4!” When I read this introduction to Bobby Ramone’s Rocket To Kingston and saw the album cover, I hoped it would be fun yet feared it would sound terrible. Two songs in, I just had to share this with you, because THIS IS FREAKIN’ FUN and well executed. I’d never expect that I could enjoy songs like Get Up Stand Up, Stir it Up, and One Love this much. Even the song titles get the Ramones treatment, as they are now called I Don’t Wanna Stand Up, Stirring In My Room, and Today One Love, Tomorrow The World. What’s not to like?”.
This long awaited edition includes 2 bonus tracks! Import from Argentina.
(Pinhead Records)