Picture disc LP with bonus flexi disc (red) limited to 250 copies.

The most Hardcore-infused BORIS album to date, their 26th full length recorded in self-isolation due to the pandemic. This is how BORIS themselves describe the mood behind this album: “A mirror that gathers and reflects people’s negative energy at a different angle, one that is positive. That is the power and potential of the dark, extreme, and brutal noise music that we have experienced up to this point“. Previously released in Japan only by Blood Sucker Records on CD and LP (both versions already sold out and getting pricey on Discogs or elsewhere), this exclusive F.O.A.D. edition is the first internationally distributed and it adds a bonus flexi disc with an unreleased version of the band’s cover of “Fundamental Error” by GUDON, featuring Guy (ORIGIN OF M, ex-GUDON) on bass!!
To sum it all up: “NO” balances a respect for Japanese hardcore tradition with uncompromising idiosyncrasy, resulting in one of the most brazen and punishing Boris albums to date. The whole album keeps a nervous pace where their familiar sludgy doom atmospheres – that they always deliver with unmatched apocalyptic heaviness – give way to roaring Hardcore bursts in a perfectly flowing crescendo.
(F.O.A.D. Records)