Biting and brittle terrestrial hardcore that conjures the speed and precision of ARTICLES OF FAITH mixed with the nihilism of FLIPPER and the mythical out-of-mindness of 80s Kyushu punks without really sounding like any of that at all. With songs questioning the very purpose of life, industrialization, globalization, war mongering and fear, these Texas punks directly obstruct the establishment by loudly proclaiming “I am not a program. I am not a system.”

We hope you enjoy this special fuck you as much as we do.

Back from the bowels of forced-shut-in sessions with their 2nd EP, BRAIN TOURNIQUET amplifies the frustration and bitterness of the all too familiar life pause that was 2020. Not that life is all that great in the first place. Senseless murder and hate surround everything. There is no freedom. There is pain. You know what would feel good right now? Throwing a brick through an actual person. We could laugh at all the parts that fall out and wash down the gutter. Now take all that violence and put it to grinding distortion. That is BRAIN TOURNIQUET. Hardcore, power violence, whatever you want to call it, it’s angry.

75gr vinyl housed in a “traditional” folded paper sleeve with a mini poster and download card included. Recorded by Bob Quirk and CC. Mastered by Will Killingsworth. Art by CC.

“Vast and endless loneliness. In the fields lays a headless child.” -Wartorn
(Iron Lung Records)