Founder member and legendary guitarist Bones as always maintained there “Trader in Death” album was BROKEN BONES best album to date, until now…… They are one of only a handful of bands that sound more ferocious today than they did on their early classic release’s, which all went on to influence generations. To this day BROKEN BONES are hailed as one of the best and important hardcore/punk bands in the last 25 years. From the first to the last song the whole album grips you like a vice and doesn’t let go until the last track has ended. A pulse pounding thriller with plenty of political kick, “Fuck you and all you stand for” is a gripping hardcore driven ride with pounding drums, driving bass, searing guitars with the unmistakable classic BROKEN BONES solos, topped off with venomous spitting vocals which cover lyrically, all types of political and social extremities.
(Xtreem Music Records)