Southern lord proudly announces an incredible collaboration between label artists boris and ian astbury (the cult and the doors). this finely-crafted four-song release, simply entitled bxi, was tracked and mixed in tokyo in late april. astbury’s iconic rock vocals are a perfect match for boris’s straightforward, laid-back, but still raw and imaginative song writing constructed for the mini album; another intriguing display within the band’s ever-morphing, extensive resume of releases, tours and collaborations. bxi showcases the already unclassifiable rock of boris in an entirely new light, and shows a new side to one of rock and roll’s most notorious singers. the release features three new original tracks, as well as a cover of the cult’s song ‘rain’, ethereally vocalised by boris guitarist wata. art and design for the release was commissioned to stephen o’malley (, sunno))), etc.). the result is stunning. both boris and ian enjoyed working together so much that they have already planned to perform together on stage in the coming months. there is already talks of a follow up to this amazing recording.
(Southern Lord Records)