Chaos UK, along with bands like Discharge, G.B.H. and Disorder, revolutionized UK hardcore punk.

Tracks A1 – B1 “Chaos U.K. LP” (1983)
Tracks B2 – B5 “Burning Britain” EP (1982)
Tracks B6 – B8 “Loud Political & Uncompromising” 7” (1982)

A1 Selfish Few
A2 Fashion Change
A3 You’ll Never Own Me
A4 The End Is Nigh
A5 Victimised
A6 Parental Love
A7 Leech
A8 Chaos
A9 Mentally Insane
A10 Urban Guerrilla
B1 Farmyard Boogie
B2 Four Minute Warning
B3 Kill Your Baby
B4 Army
B5 Victimised (Single Version)
B6 No Security
B7 What About A Future
B8 Hypocrite
B9 Senseless Conflict

Label: Audio Platter
Barcode: 803341524286