Chaos Z was a german hardcore punk band from Stuttgart. They were founded in 1980 and renamed 1983 in “Fliehende Stürme”. However, in 1995 another album, 45 Jahre ohne Bewährung, was released.
The band’s style was raw and very dismal. Chaos Z is with Bluttat and Vorkriegsjugend one of the most influential german hardcore punk bands ever.
Comes in gatefold sleeve. Lyrics on inside of gatefold.
Tracks A1 – B7 taken from 45 Jahre Ohne Bewährung album (1995 Snake Records/ A.M. Music)
Tracks C1 + C2 taken from Various – Die Deutsche Punkinvasion II compilation (1996 Snake Records/ A.M. Music)
Tracks C3 + C4 taken from Various – Keine Experimente! Vol. II compilation (1984 Weird System)
Tracks D1 – D4 performed by Fliehende Stürme live at Rockstation / Halle (Saale) (10/2012)
(Major Labels)