The circumstances were ordinary: the results, extraordinary. In early 1982 I was having my usual 1 pm breakfast with disk jockey Rodney Bingenheimer at a very ordinary Denny’s coffee shop when the visiting German director Uli Edel dropped by with Christiane Felscherinow in L.A. to promote the film Christiane F. (Wir Kinder von Bahnhof Zoo). Edel had intended to tour with the young actress Nadja Brunckhorst but her father had vetoed the trip, so the real Christiane F. went, swearing to keep clean. We found out much later, she didn’t. Over pancakes, Rodney mischievously suggested to the still teenaged Christiane that she should make a record. And Posh Boy across the table could make it happen! I made one phone call to then New York based David Javelosa of Posh Boy act Los Microwaves who leapt at the opportunity at producing a high profile release that could be as dada as he liked on a budget of USD l000. Within hours, not days, everything was set up.
Robbie Fields, Feb 2022

Wunderbar (Radio Edit)
Heimweh (Homesick)
Wunderbar (House Edit)
Wunderbar (Trash Edit)
(Radiation Records)