Roiling, distressed rock riffs and menacing, propulsive rhythms. The fourth release in the Greek band’s discography is a more mainlined effort than before, putting together their eclectic mix of hardcore, noise rock, sludge and post-hardcore tendencies under the prism of the misanthropic and elusive aesthetic of their lyrics. Fiercely antisocial and always independent, this record delivers postmodern anxiety and heavy handed riffage, where the technical moments never outshine their punk ethos.

The band was formed in late 2014 in Athens, Greece, has toured throughout the Greek DIY circuit, performed a European tour, and supported such diverse acts as Dälek, Aluk Todolo, and Raketkanon.

FFO: Botch, Breach, Will Haven

Limited pressing of 100 copies, self-released
Recorded live at Ignite Music Studio
Recorded, mixed, mastered by George Christoforidis
Artwork by Sealitwithsilver