Condemned To Death/C2D Were a SF based band associated with the Vats, The Vats were an abandoned Hams Brewery in SF where Bay Area punks squatted and bands such as MDC, Sluglords and DRI among others rehearsed in the 80s. C2D was one of the best known bands that formed and rehearsed at the Vats.
This LP features their 1983 Demo on vinyl for the first time and their sought after R Radical Records 1984 7″ full session.
For Fans of:
Verbal Abuse
Agnostic Front
Black Flag
Christ on Parade

“Condemned To Death” 7″ Sessions 1983
1 Gartland’s Pit
2 Aggressive Systems
3 D-Day
4 Pain Of Mind
5 Dismember Me
6 Wired
7 Media Control
8 Ocean
9 Beach Creep

“Vat” Demo 1983
10 Boys In The White Truck
11 Stop Fucking With My Head
12 Bloodriver
13 Afraid To Die
14 What’s God
15 Time Is Running Out
16 Ascension
17 Addicted
18 Dreams
19 Wired
20 Beach Creep
(Puke n Vomit Records)