Official reissue of one the greatest and best sounding demos in the history of ’80s Danish speed thrashin’ metal! The perfect blend between early METALLICA and EXODUS with the mittel-European school of DESTRUCTION and KREATOR driven by memorable riffs, a solid rhythmic base, all channeled into their own unmistakable style. Quoting Fenriz (Darthrone): “…over the (funeral) moon about the fact that FOAD Records is releasing one of my favourite demos on vinyl! Truly a lost gem… This recording kind of created their own land within a very crowded metal world at the time, an exciting epic introvert world of its own.” LP with complete demo 1986, bonus CD with the demo + bonus rehearsals 1986-1987 including unreleased songs. 16 page booklet with photos, lyrics, liner notes, an introduction by Fenriz and scans of the original cassette artwork.

Solid black vinyl limited to 200 copies

Label: F.O.A.D. Records