This may have been the first ever British punk rock album, (although Deviants fans may disagree) as crucial to the genre in the UK as Funhouse or Kick Out The Jams were in the States, but it also set the tone for most of the boot stomping terrace glam that followed (Slade, Mott and the Faces for starters). Alan Butler and Jesse Hector, on bass and guitar respectively, formed Crushed Butler in early 1969, with 17 year old drummer, actor and teen mag pin-up Darryl Read. Playing prestigious gigs with the likes of Atomic Rooster, Third World War, Mott The Hoople, Osibisa and Kevin Ayers, Crushed Butler routinely blew the headlining act off the stage with their ferocious brand of hooligan rock. A 10 inch LP was recorded in 1970 but not released until 1991 in an extremely limited edition.
Repress on colored vinyl. UK Proto Punk 1969 – 1971 (pre-Hammersmith Gorillas). includes a 42 x 60 cm poster. Limited to 500 numbered copies.

(Crush Records)