” Polish death ‘n’ rollers Daymares put together a decent debut in their 2007 release, Can’t Get Us All. They fused crusty punk, metal and death ‘n’ roll (a-la Entombed) to craft eleven rockin’ tracks for SelfMadeGod Records that certainly were chock full of attitude and their latest EP, the six track Toothless & Fanged continues on from where the band left us last time, and even includes a Neurosis cover as well.

It’s a punked fuelled fiery opener in Annuit Coeptis that sets the scene and reminds me just why I dug their debut. The slower parts only add to the tracks intensity when it kicks up a few gears, and is just the right length to make a solid impact. Fury levels increase on the gang vocal heavy Never Relent which is more punk than anything else and that attitude carries over seamlessly to the fun as hell Who Laughs Last. The longest track, the epic four plus minute Words One Loves To Hate swaps pace for groove and it works a treat and certainly injects something new into the EP before the short, sharp title track, Toothless & Fanged, rolls up a healthy balance of the group’s main influences – punk and death ‘n’ roll. The EP is rounded out with the group’s cover of the Neurosis track Life On Your Knees (which originally appeared the group’s first album, Pain Of Mind) which fits the band’s mantra like a glove.

Toothless & Fanged is another fine effort from this Polish group. If their debut floated your boat, then this EP will as well. It’s that simple.”

(Get By Records)