The first two editions of this English-language documentation (published under the title “Dead Moon – The Book”) are now being traded at horrific prices – Ventil Verlag is now making the pure book version accessible to the European public at a cheaper price.
Dead Moon was a lo-fi garage / rock-and-roll band from Portland, Oregon from 1987 to 2006. The band achieved a legendary and cult status. She cultivated her DIY ethos and always avoided falling into the traps of the conventional music industry. She produced her own records and ran her own music store and the Tombstone Music label of the same name. Their story is unique in the halls of rock music – a band that never betrayed their ideals, never gave up, and left behind an artistic and community heritage that is still unparalleled today.
In the interview format, the book tells the Dead Moon saga in the band’s own words. It contains a fully illustrated discography, lyrics and countless photos, flyers, posters and letters from the archive of Fred and Toody Cole.
Hardcover with 320 pages. Treat yourselves!