Recorded in November 1983, this 5 song EP was the debut release for Decry who back in the day were relentlessly gigging and touring, playing with the likes of Discharge, Black Flag, UK Subs, Circle Jerks, Detonators, MIA, Necros, Crucifix, GBH, Agression,… Released in early 1984, this 7″ sees the departure of their original drummer and anticipates by only a few months their debut LP on Toxic Shock. Tuneful and aggressive California HC/Punk. A true HC milestone!

The record comes with a full on 12 page booklet with lyrics, photos, band´s history and flyers for likely every show they played prior to the release of their debut LP later the same year.

Regular edition of 300 on black vinyl (and black/white cover).
(No Plan Records)