Mandatory Descendents live show recorded right after the release of their classic second album I Don’t Want To Grow Up. The tour marked the end of a two-year hiatus for the band, during which singer Milo Aukerman had attended college and drummer Bill Stevenson had joined Black Flag. I Don’t Want to Grow Up was the first of two albums the Descendents recorded with guitarist Ray Cooper.
A1 Descendents
A2 I Don’t Want To Grow Up
A3 Kabuki Girl
A5 Pervert
A6 My Dad Sucks
A7 Weinerschnitzel
A8 Mr. Bass
A9 Silly Girl
A10 Christmas Vacation
A11 Hope
A12 Bikeage
B1 Wendy
B2 Myage
B3 Suburban Home
B4 Rockstar/No Fat Beaver
B5 I Wanna Be A Bear
B6 I’m Not A Loser
B7 Good Good Things
B8 I’m Not A Punk
B9 Catalina
B10 Sour Grapes
B11 Green
(Suicidal Records)