Legendary Disbeat band from Japan. Split up after the death of the band’s leader Kawakami from an overdose of alcohol and sedative. Live and demo recordings.
Tracks A1-A9: live at C.S. Kochi-City 4/11/’98.
Tracks A10-A14: Total Dis-Lickers demo ’98.
Tracks B1-B13: live at unknown place, December ’92.
304 copies made. Hand-numbered. Comes with insert.

A1 Fear Of The War
A2 War Is Insanity
A3 In Agony
A4 Future Extinction
A5 The Aspects Of War
A6 Why Isn’t There War
A7 Endless War
A8 Torture 2
A9 Conquest
A10 War Is Insanity
A11 In Agony
A12 Future Extinction
A13 Despair
A14 Standard
B1 Never
B2 No Religion
B3 Terror Struck
B4 Explosion
B5 It’s No TV Sketch
B6 Destroy
B7 The Report Of…
B8 Horrendous
B9 Nightmare
B10 Conquest
B11 Attack The Enemy
B12 Anti-War
B13 Victims

(Liberation Records/Unofficial Release)