Eddie Dark is a one man project rose from the catacombs of Athens.
Taking inspiration from the melancholic but energetic sound of the 80’s New wave/post punk and blending it with elements of modern synth-pop, Eddie tells grotesque stories about lost love and the uncomfortable facts about being undead with heavy doses of self awareness and poetic sarcasm, all packaged in a B-Movie horror aesthetic.
On April 2023, Eddie released “Freakwave Cassette Vol.1” a 7 song EP raging from sad synthpop to aggressive synth-punk.
“Λουλούδια” (“Flowers”), will be released on July 28th, 2023, on 279 copies, 140 of them on black and 139 on green vinyl. It’s Eddie Dark’s first full length album including 10 morbid songs about dealing with the grief of losing your favourite person. The LP comes with an insert and a download code.
Black Vinyl.

Label: Geheimnis