EERIE FAMILY is an asteroid shot out of the stellar belt of the infamous HEX DISPENSERS orbit right when heat absorption got insane. A fantastic gloom-pop debut album by Alex Cuervo (keyboard/vocals) and Alyse Mervosh (drums/vocals). Regardless of gravitational interactions you will be pulled into their black hole of darkness and surrounded by an immense undead orchestra. Catchy garage doom, headspinning vocals, and a creepy backbeat. The synth & drums hits are so spooky that you feel watched constantly and wonder if this is a megalo-martyr explosion or a skeleton wedding. The vinyl has two bonus songs which will not be on any digital release. First pressing comes on a heavy 180 gram vinyl edition, 400 black vinyl copies, 100 copies clear white vinyl with disruptive black swirls (mail order only), all sleeved in uncoated cardboard and black inners. Dead or alive, out of Texas or Hell, those zomboids will spill black blood in Europe in August 2020. Release date is 12/31/19.
(Alien Snatch! Records)