Ekkaia was a neocrust band from A Coruña, Spain. Ekkaia started in 1999.
In their first releases they have a notorious real screamo / emo violence touch and some influences of melodic death metal. In their last releases they evolved into a darker crust sound, in the vein of Tragedy. They can be considered the cornerstone in the Spanish crust scene.

All songs recorded and mixed between 2002 and 2004 at Bonham Studios, A Coruña, Spain by José Manuel Martínez García.

All songs remastered in May 2020 at Empty Fields Room Studios, Messas, France by Sébastien Bedrunes.

Triple LP includes their whole discography.
*** Songs 1 to 9 recorded and mixed between December 2003 and January 2004 and released in May 2004 as “Demasiado Tarde Para Pedir Perdón” LP (2000 black vinyls).

*** Songs 10 to 12 recorded and mixed in August 2004 and released in October 2004 as “Ya Hemos Aguantado El Sermon, Ahora Lo Destrozaremos” 7″EP (1000 black vinyls). This record was repressed in August 2008 with a different artwork (218 yellow/black haze vinyls).

*** Songs 13 to 17 recorded and mixed in two evenings of December 2002. Song 13 was released in 2004 on “D.I.Y. Or Die, Vol. 1” Compilation CD in Argentina. Songs 14 to 17 were released in September 2003 as “¿Cuantos Más Moriremos Hasta Que Esten Satisfechos?” 7″EP (1500 black vinyls).

*** Songs 18 to 28 recorded and mixed in May 2002 and released in July 2002 as “Manos Que Estrechan Planes De Muerte Y Sometimiento” LP/CD (1000 black vinyls and 1000 CD’s).