There is no need to say much here, you probably know them and the web is full of infos about them. Two full demo’s, live and rehearsal.
Tracks A1 to A8 recorded live in January 1986 in Liverpool.
Tracks A9 to A15: “Killing Babies Is Tight” demo, recorded at Dead Fly Studio on 03.03.1986.
Tracks B1 to B3: rehearsal 1985.
Tracks B4 to B12 “If Killing Babies Is Tight, Killing Babies For Profit Is Even Tighter” demo, recorded at Dead Fly Studio on 26.01.1987.
Limited edition of 323 copies.
Includes a 2-sided insert with lyrics and drawings.

A1 Unity
A2 Money
A3 Theme Toon
A4 Am I A Punk Yet
A5 Next Time
A6 Thought
A7 Apart
A8 …
A9 Intro
A10 Unity
A11 Run Ronald
A12 Wings Of Death
A13 Vivisection Song
A14 Say Goodbye
A15 Outro
B1 Am I Punk Yet
B2 Hidewhere
B3 Reject Detect
B4 Intro (Death In The Swamp)
B5 Satanic Warmonger Of The Abyss
B6 Meltdown
B7 At The Edge
B8 Mother
B9 Reject
B10 Sheep
B11 Dead End
B12 Life
(Liberation Records/Unofficial Release)