Reissued for the first time 40 years after the official release date. Yugoslavian punk rock classic.
“You can say what you want a lot of good bands came from former Yugoslavia and the following belongs irrevocably to that. Električni Orgazam (Electric Orgasm) is a Serbian punkrock band from Belgrade, formed 1980 by Srđan ‘Gile’ Gojković (vox + guitars), Ljubomir ‘Jovec’ Jovanović (guitars), Marina Vulić (bass) and Ljubomir Đukić (keys + organs). Originally starting as a combination of new wave, punk and post-punk, the band later slowly changed their style, becoming a mainstream rock act. They were one of the most notable acts of the former Yugoslav rock scene. This is their debut album, released in 1981 by the renowned Jugoton label, featuring eleven songs of fairly straight-forward punk sound with a small dose of post punk aesthetics. The album had positive reactions by both the audience and the critics, including a review of the album by the NME journalist Kris Bohn, who stated that the band was one of the most exciting non-British acts. Together with Pankrti, Paraf and Pekinška Patka they are among my favorite bands from the Balkans. Catchy songs, great music and properly at all times.”
Official reissue, gatefold, 180-gram, on yellow vinyl.
(Croatia Records)