A true must. This is just one of those records you HAVE to hear. The Spanish punk band. This is their 1986 sophomore LP. A great mix of songs about depression, drugs, boredom etc. ranging from slow depressing “Historia Triste”, “Cuidado”, “Cerebros Destruidos”, to the chaotic pogo “De ti Depende”, “Anti-Todo”, “Haciendo Bobadas” and to the disco (and utterly awesome!) “Matar la Musica”. Definitely a classic! Coming from Bilbao in the Basque country of Spain with formidable and impressive contemporaries such as RIP, MG-15, IV REICH and ULTIMO RESORTE, ESKORBUTO still comes out ahead of them all becoming one of the most influential bands ever in Spain and South America. Snotty, nihilistic, misanthropic; these guys really didn’t give a fuck. Following the live fast and die style the two definitive members of ESKORBUTO, Jualma and Iosu, overdosed on heroin. The “Eskizofrenia” LP and “Jodiendolo Todo” Demo are also highly, highly recommended.
(Bcore Records)
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