Guns Of Brixton reissues the 1991 album from Spanish punk band Eskorbuto. Demasiados Enemigos (“Too Many Enemies”) is not just the title of another disc by the blazing band from Santurtzi but the album with the difficult duty of putting an end to a legendary combo as we knew it. Eskorbuto was a band of its time and that is shown in every chord and every chorus, branded in fire through the years by those who danced and vibrated around the flames of this cursed band. This is a unique album — special due to its legacy and the circumstances under which it was recorded. Now it is reissued on vinyl. If you didn’t get it at the time or you were too young to know, now you have the chance to request the max from your turntable, not giving a damn if volume affects the structure of the building.
(Guns Of Brixton Records)