Originally released in 1998 EXHUMED’s now-classic debut full-length ‘Gore Metal’ was a boundary pushing album of absolutely filthy grinding death-metal. Everything about it was over the top–lightning fast speed, blazing guitars, b-movie slasher-film inspired lyrics, disgusting album artwork, etc etc. This was a record that made Carcass look PG. In otherwords, a true underground classic! Not content to let the album rot away, EXHUMED returned to the studio almost 2 decades later to re-record their landmark debut. The filthy fury of the original version is still there, only tightened up by years of touring and with a greatly improved recording. Presented with completely new art-work that is even more disgusting than the original! Deluxe 2CD set comes packaged with the original version of the album for the price of a single CD.

Label: Relapse Records
Barcode: 781676723225