Official reissue their 12′ from 1984 with 9 bonus songs. Exitstance were a punk bank in the early 80’s who recorded for Conflict’s Mortarhate label. They gigged a lot throughout Europe whist following Crass around with Conflict. They have a unique sound with vocalist Sean providing gruff no no-nonsense vocals. The group built up a good following around their local Milton Keynes area, which quickly spread throughout the UK Europe and USA etc. The group attacked all forms of government oppression, but paid particular interest to the Irish situation and linked this to animal rights. There was controversy when they were wrongly accused of being sympathetic to the IRA. However they emphasised that they were ‘A’ political, and that they had no affiliation or sympathies with any organisation, individual, party, religion or state that uses violence to obtain power, confirming an outlook that was originally printed on their first single.
Tracks 1 to 7 originally released as the While Backs Are Turned… (1984) Mini LP on Mortarhate Records.
Tracks 8 to 10 originally released as the Crime Against Humanity (1984) single on Fight Back Records.
Tracks 11 to 16 is a compilation of demos and unreleased tracks.
(PHR Records)