2019 sees Four Letter Word’s finest hour “Zero Visibility” celebrate its 20th anniversary with its first ever release on vinyl. Originally released on BYO Records (Youth Brigade, SNFU, 7 Seconds, Bouncing Souls etc) it is undeniably (by my reckoning anyway) one of the underrated classics of the 90s.

“Twenty years ago Four Letter Word hit our peak right after a two month North American tour, and released this, our second album for the legendary BYO Records. Unfortunately, a few weeks after release the label received a cease and desist letter from one the largest entertainment law firms in Los Angeles, representing one of the biggest entertainment corporations and a boy band project they were developing. They had Trade Marked our name in full knowledge of our prior usage and BYO were forced to release us from the label and remove our stuff from sale, consigning our finest record to history, until now…”
(Boss Tuneage Records)