The glorious Fuck Ups from San Francisco. MRR’s most hated band! The first song is White Boy which Bob Noxious sings about walking around San Francisco’s Mission Dist. For those that don’t know, The Mission District, or The Mission as we say, is a latino enclave that borders the SOMA Dist. and Noe Valley. Loads of gang problems and crime, but with some of the best Mexican food around! MRR black balled The Fuck Ups for this song, stating that they were racist. Noooo they’re not! MRR was a bible to alot of us during the 80’s, but as I have gotten older have realized that they were dictating their own agenda in the punk scene here. With no voice to air their own views, The Fuck Ups had to play incognito and such. Now I am not saying that Bob Noxious was a saint. Far from that. He was notorious for attacking other lead singers of bands he did not like and he managed to do so to Ian McKaye of Minor Threat at either The Tool and Die or the Mab I cannot remember which. Also I think guitarist Joe Dirt was in Society Dog too.
They released their one legendary ep in 1982 called “FU-82”. Angry, pissed-off and obnoxious, they really came across with the full scale of punk-emotions. Its a fuken classic!! with hate filled songs like “I think your shit”,”I hate You”,”Negative Reaction” Etc…They were also on a few comps like “We Got Power” in 1983 and they were on a comp. with GG. They were one of the meanest bands in there time,real fucken jerks along with Urban Assault, Sick Pleasure and the Lewd.
For fans of Society Dog and the early 80’s San Francisco sound, as well as any obnoxious sod. This one’s for you.
(Puke N Vomit)