Sound Effect Records presents the debut album of Greek doom/sludge/noise ensemble Gagulta!

Gagulta in Aramaic ܓܓܘܠܬܐ‎‎ means “the place of a skull” (or kraniou topos/κρανίου τόπος in Greek) and it came from the Hebrew word gulgōleṯ which means “skull”.

The band was born and established in Athens around 2017. Gagulta started as a side project band between friends and members of CORPSES (punk-hardcore/death n roll) and HOUSE ANXIETY(sludgecore). Just a month before the recordings of their self titled album around late 2017 the band began organizing their first diy show in the basement of a well known pizza place right in the heart of downtown Athens center. The place was packed and chaotic followed by two more local gigs where they played along with the German sludgers WEEEDWOLF and some months later at the Temple club in Athens they opened for the legendary sludge pioneers EYEHATEGOD from New Orleans of the US gaining astonishing live reviews from every Webzine that published the live report of this show! The recordings of their self titled full length debut album took place on the first days of 2018 at Illusions Recording Studio followed by the release of a limited hand pulled screenprinted cassette tape via Fuzz Ink Records and a local full house live release show! The album review section of the Greek Metal Hammer magazine rated the bands self titled debut with 8/10 mentioning GAGULTA’s music as “heavyweight sludge doom with a punk infusion” and the review headline was “Longdive into the mud” which is as close as it gets to what the band is all about: heavy and sludgie riffs with a doom aesthetic, crusty breaks and blackened vocals! Sound Effect Records will release and distribute their self titled debut album this time on 12″ vinyl. A local club vinyl release show will follow around fall/winter of 2022 and of course their next step will be the release of their newest 2 track Ep which is ready to be mixed and mastered at Ignite Studios.

Label: Sound Effect Records