Lucky album number 7 from Northern Ireland’s crossover outfit, Gama Bomb, the UK’s most consistent contributors to the modern thrash revival. Inspired by Victorian horror and maritime adventures such as Moby Dick, the new album is presented as a 19th Century play, with Act One and Act Two playing out on side A and side B of the record respectively. The pelagic tale follows the crew of the steamer ‘S.S. Gama Bomb’ as they voyage in search of a real-life Yeti, only to go slowly mad on the high seas. It also features songs about 80s and 90s movies, because GAMA BOMB cannot help themselves.
GAMA BOMB have previously toured with bands EXODUS, OVERKILL, SEPULTURA, FORBIDDEN and DRI, as well as appearing at major festivals: Hellfest in France, Tuska Open Air in Finland, AssaultFest in Japan, and BogoTHRASH in Colombia.
(Prosthetic Records)