1982 compilation, featuring the tracks from the band’s ‘Leather, Bristles, Studs And Acne’ 12″, the ‘No Survivors’ 7″, and the ‘Sick Boy’ 7″.
In between the charting debut LP City Baby Attacked By Rats and the acclaimed follow-up, City Baby’s Revenge, the independent Clay Records gathered all their Charged G.B.H. singles for the shocking compilation, Leather Bristles No Survivors And Sick Boys, capturing their versatility, as well as their shit-on-you attitude. The anti-war ‘Generals’ is an early classic, ‘Necrophilia’ tests the limits via an ironic salute to copulating with corpses and there are plenty of other shock-value moments, all delivered with their trademark blend of hardcore, metal, angst, rage and humour. Essential!
Limited to 500 copies only, includes a double sided insert and an exclusive photo licensed by US photographer Alison Braun in a 60x40cm folded poster!
Race Against Time
Knife Edge
State Executioner
Dead On Arrival
No Survivors
Self Destruct
Big Women
Sick Boy
Slit Your Own Throat
Am I Dead Yet?
(Radiation Records)