This expanded deluxe edition Vinyl box set has been newly remastered from the original production tapes and includes 11 previously unreleased recordings. LP 1 contains the original UK 11 track album with LP 2+3 including all the A and B-sides of their singles from the period, 11 previously unreleased outtakes, a single mix and a number of mixes made by engineer Alan Winstanley (Madness, Elvis Costello, Morrissey).

This 3 LP set consists of 3 vinyl albums housed in a rigid slip case with previously unseen photos and newly commissioned sleeve notes by journalist Adrian Thrills.

LP1 Original Album:
Side One:
1. From The Heart
2. One Hundred Punks
3. Listen
4. Ready Steady Go
5. Kleenex
6. Promises Promises

Side Two
1. Day By Day
2. The Invisible Man
3. Kiss Me Deadly
4. Too Personal
5. Youth Youth Youth.

LP2 A-Sides & B-Sides:
Side One:
1. Your Generation [A-side Single]
2. Day By Day (Alt. Version) [B-side of Your Generation]
3. Wild Youth [A-side Single]
4. Wild Dub [B-side of Wild Youth]

Side Two:
1. No No No [B-side of Ready Steady Go]
2. Trying For Kicks [B-side of Friday’s Angels]
3. This Heat. [B-side of Friday’s Angels]

LP3  Outtakes & Mixes:
Side One:
1. Ready Steady Go (Phil Wainman Version) *
2. No No No (Phil Wainman Version) *
3. Gimme Some Truth (Outtake) [From U.S. Version of the original Album]
4. Rock On Dub (Outtake) *
5. Promises Promises (Single Version) *

Side Two:
1. From The Heart (Winstanley Mix) *
2. The Invisible Man (Winstanley Mix) *
3. Kleenex (Winstanley Mix) *
4. Day By Day (Winstanley Mix) *
5. One Hundred Punks (Winstanley Mix) *
6. Too Personal (Winstanley Mix) *
7. Youth Youth Youth (Winstanley Mix) *

* Previously Unreleased.