GG’s last tracks studio recording produced by Don Fury in 1993 and recorded with his brother Merle and The Murder Junkies.

GG Allin: vocals
William Gilmore Webber III: guitar, backing vocals
Merle Allin: bass, backing vocals
Donald Saches: Drums, backing vocals
On track 5: David Peel, Barbara Kitson, Kambra & Johnny Puke: backing voc

All songs by Allin/Weber except “Highest Power” by GG Allin and “Anal Cunt” and “Legalize Murder” by Allin/M. Allin and “Fuck Off We Murder” by Allin/Weber/Aaron
1. Highest Power 1:00
2. Kill Thy Father, Rape Thy Mother 2:26
3. Anal Cunt 3:50
4. Raw, Brutal, Rough and Bloody 2:06
5. Shoot, Knife, Strangle, Beat, and Crucify 4:52
6. I Kill Everything I Fuck 2:33
7. Shove That Warrant Up Your Ass 2:54
8. My Sadistic Killing Spree 2:00
9. I’ll Slice Yer Fucking Throat 2:06
10. Terror in America 2:01
11. Fuck Off, We Murder 2:29
12. Take Aim and Fire 2:36
13. Bastard Son of a Loaded Gun 2:18
14. Legalize Murder 3:13
15. Brutality and Bloodshed for All 3:26
Total Playing Time: 38:43

This is GG’s final studio album and also his most coherent and well produced work of his career. This is a must and truly a legendary recording.
(Alive Records)