In 1997 the hardcore scene was in dire need of a sense of humor. Four Vegan Straightedge dudes from Washington, D.C. (where it all began) stepped up to the challenge. Good Clean Fun was formed.
They set out on a three-year non-stop tour to spread positivism to the whole planet as only hardcore band can do. Two 7”s and two full-lengths later and shows in 35 countries, from Austria to Australia, from New England to England, from the beaches of Hawaii to the fjords of Norway (and so on) the message was delivered. In 2002, the band returned home and released a Discography CD on Equal Vision Records. In 2004 the band stayed true to its word and did a reunion […]
Last Exit Music proudly presents:
The GCF compilation “Crouching Tiger, Moshing Panda” for the first time on vinyl!
Track 1 – 10 taken from different 7″s, unreleased or whatever.
Track 11 – 17 taken from “Shawn King Can Suck It” (2001)
(Last Exit Records)