Photobook with pics from the 80’s of 2Bad, The Vandals, Walter Elf, So Much Hate, Faith No More, Cro-Mags, Fugazi, Nomeansno, Henry Rollins Band, Bad Religion Accused, Alice Donut, Cirlce Jerks, False Prophets, Millions of Dead Cops, Henry Rollins, Rich Kids on Lsd and many more.

Pics by Anne Ulrich, Comments by Lee Hollis.

“Although these photos are indeed “documents” of days gone by, this is not a history book. Sure, you’ll get the chance to read about “the good (and bad) old days”, but it’s not my intention to give you a minute-by-minute account of the birth of European hardcore.
I personally, just wanted to have fun with the whole project and maybe (piss a few people off) voice a few opinios. Remember, fun is important, opinions are part of life, and reader be warned: In my world, silliness is allowed”
– Lee Hollis

112 pages, 27 x 20 cm, b/w Photography, Softcover, English Edition, Ventil Verlag,