A long overdue reissue of these recordings, that were originally released back in 1994 on the infamous Rugger Bugger Records Of Gypsy Hill as a series of three 7″ singles, each with their own self-explanatory moniker and style. (The tracks from the fourth one – Silly – were released on a compilation 7″ that accompanied Fear And Loathing fanzine). Guns N’ Wankers, despite the serious-minded overtones of their name, were a slightly frivolous and light hearted melodic punk band – a spin off  from the slightly frivolous, light-hearted, but rather excellent, melodic-punk band, Snuff i.e. Duncan Redmond, (switiching from drums to guitar) teaming-up with a couple of mates/occasional members of the Wildhearts for a project that – while not matching the genius of Urin8 – caused enough of a sensation for Fat Wreck Chords To release 8 of the tracks as a 12″. Which then went on to sell shitloads – ironically, making Guns N’ Wankers more of a global sensation than Snuff. Except, because Fat Mike is a light-weight arse, the Fat 12″ excluded the best of the three 7″s – the Metal one was too metal for his poncy label (while the Silly tracks were, understandably, too high-brow). And finally the Complete Recordings of 1993 – 1994 have been compiled on one LP, and we all get the opportunity to hear that eternal unresolved issue – what Antisect would sound like if they were Snuff.
(Onewanker/Rugger Bugger Records)