Hailing from Sunderland, the Q were one of the most important bands in the late 80s scene, and in many ways paved the way for the likes of SNUFF And LEATHERFACE after them (in fact, three members of HDQ ended up in LEATHERFACE!)

As many of you know, the band was centred around the guitar genius of the late great Dickie Hammond, and coming up to two years since his passing we have been working with existing band members to embellish on the CD reissues we did and make these the absolute best tributes we can to the great man!

Following on from our reissue in 2017 of “SINKING”, 2018 sees us release “SOULFINDER”, the bands third album from 1990.

Here the original 10 track album is accompanied by a further 20 tracks from sessions, demos and comps of which 19 have never been released on vinyl format before. These include not only the bands second Session for the John Peel Show, but also their first attempt at recording the “Sinking” album (with Lainey on drums, which was shelved at the time when he left the band) in its entirity – as well as the re-recording of “Those Remembered Times” that only featured as a bonus track of the original CD release of “soulfinder”, and a rare 1987 live recording of “In My Thoughts” the only song by the band not be recorded during their existance.

There is also a CD enclosed featuring all 30 tracks, plus a 12″ insert and tribute insert.

Pressed on Random Colour Mix / Effect Vinyl, and with just 250 copies, these won’t be around forever, so make sure to secure your copy!


“Soulfinder” LP
A1 Wise Up
A2 Something More Than More Or Less
A3 Things Seem A Whole Lot Better Now
A4 Down But Not Out
A5 Sometimes
A6 Don’t You Rain Down On Me
A7 Just When I Thought
B1 Soulfinder
B2 Yesterday I Said All The Wrong Things
B3 Believe
Bonus Track From The “Soulfinder” CD
B4 Those Remembered Times
BBC John Peel Show (Second Session)
B5 Leaving Home
B6 Just When I Thought
B7 If Only
B8 Sinking
B9 All We Knew
Unreleased Recorded For The “Sinking” LP
C1 Leaving Home
C2 All We Knew
C3 There Comes A Time
C4 Towing The Line
C5 Praise
C6 Within These Four Walls
C7 Looking Back
D1 If Only
D2 Sinking
D3 Love Alone
D4 One Word
D5 Friends
D6 The Grass Is Greener
Unreleased Live Recording From Bradford Manhattan Club (1987)
D7 In My Thoughts (Live)

(Boss Tuneage Records)