Highly anticipated second LP from NY’s HANK WOOD AND THE HAMMERHEADS! “The album builds on the garage punk groundwork of 2012’s debut LP, Go Home!, but features a better recording courtesy of Boston’s Side Two. The cleaner organ tone juxtaposed with the gruff vocals and plodding drums create something hypnotic, dynamic, and immediately enjoyable. While much of the grime of earlier releases is lost, the Hank Wood songs stand out more than ever before and show them at their best and most mature (no chicken were harmed in the making of this album cover!). Stay Home! stands out from its predecessor with its improved hooks, catchy-as-hell riffs, and percussive embellishments. Much like Crazy Spirit’s Demo 2014, the music works within the band’s existing framework but shows a strong progression from earlier material and an example of why both bands remain at the forefront of NYC’s incredibly productive punk scene.” – http://www.bostonhassle.com
(La Vida Es Un Mus Records)