Hardcore Mutation no.3: 56 pages on 90gr paper, A5, old-school style black and white. Comes with an A4 poster. Interviews with BLEAKNESS (Paris), PRIMER REGIMEN (Bogota), DREAM WARRIORS (Umea), DESTRUCT (Richmond, VA), BLOODTRACE (Athens), ADULT CRASH RECORDS (Copenhagen).

-A special column about the French heavy/speed metal scene by @plate.two
-A special take on East Bay Hardcore by @new_dark_age
-A view on Poglos Collective written by @xmoroccox
-Vidro in Athens, a two day diary written by @vidropunk

Once again, the master @old_dirty_persson nailed his piece that we used on the back cover.
All design stuff handled by my man, @zero_designs_