Reissued for the first time 40 years after the official release date. Yugoslavian new wave classic.
Haustor was a new wave band from Zagreb, Croatia (then Yugoslavia), active during the 1980s. The core of the band was formed in 1977, when singer and occasional guitarist Darko Rundek met bassist Srđan Sacher. Two years later they formed Haustor with Boris Leiner (drums) and Ozren Štiglić (guitar). In 1980 they added a keyboardist and a brass section, and Haustor released its first album, “Haustor”, in 1981. All of the songs were written by either Sacher or Rundek, and the Sacher-penned “Moja prva ljubav” ( “My first love” ) became a hit. After a pause, caused by the members’ obligations in the Yugoslav People’s Army, their second album, titled “Treći Svijet” ( “Third world” ), was released in 1984. However, soon afterwards Sacher left the band, leaving Rundek as the sole composer and lyricist of the band. Haustor released two more albums, “Bolero” (1985) and “Tajni grad” (1988), before breaking up in 1990.
Official reissue, gatefold, 180-gram, on red vinyl.
(Croati Records)